Buspay GTFS Route Planner

Buspay GTFS Route Planner is an easy to use route planning tool for bus companies. It offers the essential tools for setting up bus routes, trips, stop sequences and path information.

Route Planning

  • Transit agency information and feed info
  • Transit Route setup
  • Trip setup for routes
  • Stop sequences
  • Pick up and drop off times
  • Transfer connections
  • Calendar and Service setup
  • Shapes – route travel paths and alignments

Valid GTFS

  • Import, Edit and Export valid GTFS data

DRT – Demand-responsive Transport

The route information can be used to power other services such as exported to Google Transit or Buspay DRT Service.

Buspay DRT enables passengers to easily book trips in advance for lower demand routes enabling vehicles to operate on demand or operating smaller or larger vehicles based on the demand.

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